Surf School

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The surf school at Mollymook was great fun, I really felt alive. I had a double take on reality when I got dumped and it felt like my spine went into my brain, but well worth the wake up. The coach and owner of the school is the famous Pam Burridge, a very nice woman who made me feel really safe, which helped my confidence. After the school she did this amazing head stand , three times, while I ran for my camera. This must of been the last wave on the set, cause where I was surfing it was big, I’m telling you.

Narrawalle Dreaming



Ocean Fruits

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We’ll go fishing.

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Narawalle Bush

storm boy-1Storm Boy, The movie is from my era. This shot reminds me of the movie for some reason. ‘Old Polar filter used’.


Sand WavesAdele Bishop

            Pablo-ish? … A shot in the name of fun. 5D Miii, 16-35mm, f6.3, 1/1250. Around 11.30 a.m.