Spring Fair

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Loving Cronulla, NSW, fun at the spring fair, show bags, boys and gun’s.


Sea Day







:Flash as fill, 6 images that tell a story. Establishing, close, and medium shots. The trip was to Towra, with my family…here are some more pics, equally as important, but didn’t make the final cut. We had no good bites in the shallows of Towra, whilst sheltering from the winds. Actually we didnt have much fishing luck all day, but great to get out, all the same.






Such a shame to see so much rubbish on the shore of Towra, but as this part of the beach can only really be entered by boat, it doesnt seem to really get looked after. I suppose most of the rubbish comes from careless boat people and littering from people on the other side of the bay.






Masquerading at the Sir Stamford Hotel


set3 final masqua-5

set3 final masqua-6

set3 final masqua-7


set3 final masqua-8

set3 final masqua-9 Thanks so much to everyone involved in this shoot. It was a pretty fast afternoon and everyone worked really hard to pull this off. Wow guys, next time I would definitely get an earlier check in somewhere for a few more hours. Thanks for the fab costume changes through out the afternoon girls and for being fabulous sports everyone. It was a pretty big cast and crew. So a big thank-you firstly to all of the gorgeous models, Valeria, Rachel, Jacquie, Johanna, Tahmyna, Alex, Damien and Simon. Thank-you also to the lovely make-up artists Dani-Elle Tsakonas, Patrice Gannopoulos and Diana Giannoulis and of course my assistant for the day. Hair was by the lovely Linda Thi, who is normally also a MUA aswell. Clothing is a mixture of vintage and new. Location: Sir Stamford

The shoot is Erwin Olaff inspired, I really admire most of his productions, they are calculated and all studio style, even on location, and are a little off key, sort of. I must say image 5 is an overkill of one of his images (that he shot for Elle). It actually isnt that similar, but the stance is the same. Just to let you know, Erwin must take credit for that. For the rest we just rolled with what we had, even those very short ceilings and very tall (and lovely) male models Alex and Damien, Simon left earlier for work and was not as quite as tall, but equally as lovely. Some of the images will form flash as main assignment for tech. Over all the shoot was excellent experience in co-ordinating and shooting with speed lights indoors.










Willow Versions

willow version2

willow version3

I’m not really sure if this is a Willow tree, but it does remind me of the Willow plates that I used to eat off as a child. I think the ones from those days have become collectable in their sets. Anyway the tree is in the wetland area, not far from my house. The area is constantly under threat for road construction. While I know growth is a necessity, it may  be sad to see the area go. In the mean time the houses are reasonably cheap around the wetland due to the RTA restrictions. I say reasonably, this is Sydney after all.

The above is photographed on my 5D, and processed in LR and photoshop. The first image is the colours of the eve, pretty much as they were.


When the sun sets


Friday 27/7/13, Sunset Botany Bay, With Micah. 1/125, f4 ISO100

Being out when the sun sets like this is always stunning, Botany Bay (even), is no exception.

On Thursday (at tech) we looked into photo merge. Between LR and photoshop you have some pretty smart programming. This is my first attempt, so there are areas to work on. I have about 50 images (joined) here, maybe I could of used less,maybe more in the outer corners, next time. Jim, (my teacher) recommended these tips:

1)Focus on your subject that you want focused, then turn to manual focus. 2) Take your image 3) move up and down your subject, either side to side , or up and down, taking images,MAKING SURE you overlap by 30%. 3) Import to LR, apply lens correction, white balance if needed 4) Resize your images ( or else it will take for ever in the alignment ) and open up in photoshop either through LR:photo, edit in, merge in LR as panorama, or import under Merge to Panorama which is somewhere in Photo shop, file,merge as panorama. 4) follow the pop upsThe program does the rest. Have fun.