Play Ball

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Oyster 2

in that moment, oyster 2-1

in that moment, oyster 2-2

in that moment, oyster 2-4

in that moment, oyster 2-5

in that moment, oyster 2-6

in that moment, oyster 2-7

in that moment, oyster 2-8

The people shots from the oyster farm are yet too come, but here are a few more of the lovely textures and sights that you can find here.

Jim’s Critique


I dislike to backtrack to a previous image, but since Im handing this in for Jim’s class CUVDIG401A, I thought I better take Jim’s suggestion into consideration. Jim suggested a white background, but the image is creme in tones instead of white. I tried white, but it just didn’t sit right. There are things that I would change about this image if I re-composed. I will consider these things on my future collage’s.

Willow Versions

willow version2

willow version3

I’m not really sure if this is a Willow tree, but it does remind me of the Willow plates that I used to eat off as a child. I think the ones from those days have become collectable in their sets. Anyway the tree is in the wetland area, not far from my house. The area is constantly under threat for road construction. While I know growth is a necessity, it may  be sad to see the area go. In the mean time the houses are reasonably cheap around the wetland due to the RTA restrictions. I say reasonably, this is Sydney after all.

The above is photographed on my 5D, and processed in LR and photoshop. The first image is the colours of the eve, pretty much as they were.