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California Dreaming

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Fun Oceans across the Pacific, took a couple of snaps between the children’s activities. This is the adult pool, which was later emptied after this shot, but the kids had a great time ‘wave riding’, in the pool behind. It did result in three stitches in my sixteen year olds finger, and i am so glad the ship agreed to re-imburse the doctors fee for the procedure. I would of loved access to the front of the ship for some shots.

Peaches and Cream

peaches and cream-1

peaches and cream-2


I don’t normally blog the picks I take at tech, but Ive decided to start. This is a gorgeous girl in my class, Cassie, she joined the class a few weeks after everyone else. Anyway we were doing a colour management class, but I found this lace the day before and incorporated this shoot into the class. Cassie was wearing a beautiful Kimono which we put inside out and back to front. I love the feel of the lace across her gorgeous face. I couldn’t work out which one I liked best, the half closed eye shot, with a sinister twist, or the other?

The Christening of Dina and Johns beautiful boy.

Dina and John's Christtening of baby-10

Dina and John's Christtening of baby-5

Dina and John's Christtening of baby-6

Dina and John's Christtening of baby-9

Some of my favourites from this Christening. Thank-you to John and Dina for asking me to shoot, It was an enigmatic experience in the church ( and how gorgeous is it?) The Greek customs and traditions are really interesting, the hair cutting, the washing of the christening gown in the ocean, the anointing of the baby, and the way every one gets involved,it is all very different from the way traditions run in my family. Thanks again.