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This is the amazing Christmas Bush that flowers in Sydney every Christmas. The shrub can grow to quite a tall tree and the red blooms are just stunning. This tree is also rumoured to be a natural fly deterrent. Like with most of our Christmas and summer blooms you need to catch them quick as unfortunately they don’t last for long.




Even though we are heading toward Halloween, its beginning to feel a little like Christmas.





This is a portrait of Loci, who lives in the tents behind him. We enjoyed having a chat and, he says “he once had a home with four (brick) walls”. He is quite happy to live where he lives, and he enjoys the company of the others who live in the park. I myself wonder if he is putting on a front for our conversation, but he tells me, “this is his community”. He gave up his old home as it didn’t interest him. He isn’t on a pension and lives on the donations of passers by and what ever else he can do. He is blind in one eye so so limited by what he can do safely, and originally from o/s so I’m not sure of his eligibility for a pension.

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Sam tom bridge-1

tom two-1

I took these images at Tom Ugly marina the other day, not knowing that the next day, the wharf would be knocked down. I think this wharf is around 100 years old, and the end of it has been removed to make way for a new wharf. It will all be gone shortly.

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