constantina and family-3constantina and family-2constantina and family-1
Constantina and family at the beach. Thoughts spring to mind: Beauty is an illusion, it’s not even skin deep. ‘Beautiful’ is this family being there for one another. Constantina has been given six months to live after diabetes medication takes it’s toll.
Thank-you to Constantina and Irene for allowing me to photograph.


Available Light Shoot

The last fortnightly assignment for the year, an available light product shoot.
bishop_adele_product 3nd print-1

This is a self-portrait product shoot, which was was quite difficult to shoot. I think I rolled off about 80 frames, but I couldn’t place myself in the right position….too close to the lens, out of the frame, or my hair was messy. The camera was manually focused on the product and the timer was set to take the image in 30 seconds. That meant that I needed to get up, press the shutter and get back into position within 30 seconds. The image was shot in my shed which has a tin roof, no air-conditioning, and needless to say, hot. During the shoot my feet cramped up on both sides, so I have really funny photos of me in excruciating pain. For the next week I felt bruised all the way down one side after rolling on the cement floor to reach the camera shutter.