A selection of Arleen Birk’s beautiful artwork that I have been photographing, ready for print. For sales and enquiries, or to have your artwork photographed I am contactable through my contact page or adelemiranda photography on face book, or @adele_miranda on instagram

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Como Baths. This was taken the same day the man fell/ slipped or jumped from the Como train Bridge (not pictured) and badly hurt his face, head, and abdomen. I had left when the incident occurred but i have seen an image of the man, still in the water, awaiting for paramedics to remove him safely. He has people in the water holding him up, a rather disturbing sight….non the less, people will still climb and jump from that bridge. Some have become paraplegic, and being in the Georges there could be anything floating down stream, anyway lets hope we don’t see any fatalities here.

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