The Trousseau

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The Trousseau

The outfit of a bride, to wear on the eve of her wedding, for her loved one.

In fact, in the early 1900’s many women would spend many hours hand embroidering a special outfit to wear on the night of their wedding. Many people believe that there are many trousseau’s today, because so many men did not return from WW1 and there fore the dresses were kept unused.

I took this photo last year at Vaucluse House. It is part of a series of images that form “An Australian Love Story 1900-1920′. It was quite a complex series and i really needed more time to pull it off, how ever,the series was submitted for my Diploma of digital imaging studies. The room is shot in three parts and merged in photoshop.

Actress and Model: Samantha Sinclair ,HAMUA: Linda Thi ,Costume and Production:adelemiranda


If I were to lose you

bishop_adele_commemoration_100 (2 of 2)-2 This is a photograph i took last year, which was included in a 10 piece portfolio. It is not one of my stronger images, but it pays tribute, while telling a story. The series depicts an “Australian Love Story, from 1900-1920″. As we all know WW1 began in 1914, and ended in 1918, and this image is my contribution to remembering. Lest we forget the men that were lost, and the sadness that war brings. May we remember those that fought for our freedom. May we continue to have freedom and may we learn from the wars of our past.