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Adele Bishop

With Sophia Angeleena wearing red carpet runway.  Location: Beautiful Cronulla Beach

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whacky wednesday (1 of 1)A bit controversial for some, but since a boy wore a dress, last year, for “Whacky Wednesday”, ( and won a prize), more boys thought they would do it this year. Hmmm, looks like the middle man was having serious second thoughts though. Congrats to them for taking it so lightheartedly.

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shirley and her trophies (1 of 1)

Every now and then we meet people that shine their magic on our souls and lives, and send ripples of goodness. Shirley lives across the road, and is more than just a neighbour to me. I really love her historical stories…she is one of nine siblings, 84 years old, a beautiful wife, mother and grand mother. Shirley is a tennis player, a lawn bowls champion (pictured here with 7 lawn bowl trophies, from this year), and also a nature and flower enthusiast.

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A rather special and favourite shoot that I did this year, the very lovely and fun actress Emele, playing the part in this 1920 ensemble.

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