Recently on my way to work, I began chatting with this lovely group of people travelling to the MCA for the day. As I had my camera on me, and we were talking about photography, I asked if I could take your picture and place on my blog and send to you. Thank you for the beautiful photo moment. Can you please forward your email address to me, so I can forward the photo. In the mean time, I hope your outing was wonderful, and it was lovely chatting on the train.


2 Responses to “The Train Ride”

  1. Marilyn

    A great photo op. Probus Clubs are a great way for retirees to enjoy the company of others and visit various places of interest. I belong to another Probus Club in the “Shire” and we all enjoy many trips away together as well as visiting so many interesting places within our city of Sydney. Thanks for taking the time to take the above photo.

    • adelemiranda

      Hi Marilyn. Yes! Probus, that was name that I was trying to remember, but will never forget now. It was a pleasure to share the photograph and meet this group too. I believe they were on their way to May Gibbs home from memory. I was so glad these people contacted me for their image. Nice to chat Marilyn. Kind Regards


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