Fallen Magnolia flowers. Felicity  is wearing a beautiful dress from Joshy and Bee in Cronulla, Sydney.


8 Responses to “Magnolia”

    • adelemiranda

      He Debbie, thanks so much, i thought i replied to you before?….my apologies. Are you winding down from your travels, what a stunning trip!

      • Debbie

        HI Adele – looks like you did reply, and now I recall commenting before, except i couldnt , and still cant, see my reply!
        so i replied again. i think! blogging can be confusing!
        back home in china, winding down indeed, trying to make sense of it all. It was quite the trip alright! xx

    • Debbie

      lol and now the first reply is showing up! internet gremlins!
      yes, back safe and sound.
      see you at the Spaceship 🙂

      • adelemiranda

        Im looking around the widgets to add the instagram link tonight, but there isn’t one, I really thought there was! err

  1. Debbie

    Who knows – Im back in lala-land, where I need a proxy server to see things like instagram and wordpress, .. one on my computer, but not my fone… oh, well, I’m used to it! Good luck with the widgets 🙂


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