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4 Responses to “Mare and Lifou, Community and contrasts”

    • adelemiranda

      Wow, getting that passport renewed was craaazy Debbie. Thanks so much. It was a slight insight into what you hear people are going through when they try and move countries now days. I was born o/s, but came to Australia as a permenant resident, then married o/s and then my Aust citizenship paper was declared lost in early 2000’s. Maybe identity fraud, not sure, but wow, talk about getting some documentation from all over the world. I know it is important to get these things right, so i count my blessings and enjoyed my trip. Its all done now, and i can travel the world, (but im quite happy here) How are you?

      • Debbie

        HI Adele – oh, what a drama and stress for you!!! I know how you feel – I assisted my (ex) husband to immigrate, my daughter was born in China so then had to go thru similiar processes to get her Aussie idenity authorised, each time to renew passport and get our visas for China a stressful situation, I’m never losing those precious ID docos! So I really do understand the stress you must have been under pre-trip. And going right down to the wire hey – I remember you posted about Scott Morrison’s assistance…. its’ not easy when you have to get documents from countries you dont live in.
        Anyhow the best thing is, its done, its over, and you get to enjoy this wonderful trip and snap some great shots!

        I think when we have to go jump through hoops to get precious things we appreciate them even more. Not easy at the time though.

        Anyhow, relax, enjoy, and have lots of swims! I’m fine but not happy winter is coming along ( as a brissie girl I dont do winter well) and looking forward to a trip home at xrissie time 🙂 x

      • adelemiranda

        Hi Debbie, Winter is heading your way hey? I dont envy a cold winter for one second, but I would jump on a plane to China in a second to experience the people, culture and history. Having said that i couldnt do a long stint like you, but i do imagine China is your beautiful second home now with many interesting customs, to make life interesting. If your coming home for Christmas, thats not long now, only two months until you will see long rolling sands, and your family. Travel safe and chat soon ☺

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