bishop_adele_play_ball_sylvania (1 of 1)


5 Responses to “Play Ball”

  1. Debbie

    Congratulations! The photo above is fantastic and what a great project you have going. The link though didn’t show what the book looks like so didnt give potential buyers and idea of what they might be getting for their money. Great cause.

    • adelemiranda

      Thanks Debbie, It is an amazing cause and the ‘see me’ organisation are doing an amazing job in not only community work, but their image collection and exposure for artists is amazing. The feeds show amazing and inspiring work from all over the world. Thanks for chatting, nice after such a long time x

      • Debbie

        Wow! that book is amazing! and of course I was looking for your photograph! So many stunning images. Its fantastic that you are now studying what you love – that is how it should be. ( me too right now!) as you say, great cause and great exposure for the artists, being in the lourve exhibition must have felt amazing.
        i havent seen your blog for a while so dont know if you have posted and the alerts got lost in my junk mail ( this seems to happen often with wordpress mails, from time to time i have to go to my junk mail and rescue them , and label, ‘not spam’ ) … or if you havent posted.
        anyhow nice to see your images again, i love the way you always have water splashed around in the photos, the composition is always awesome – an overused word but i mean spot on and intriguing at the same time … and of course there is something so aussie-beachie about your photos they remind me of home.
        nice to chat too! keep on posting! i look forward to drinking in your images! 🙂

      • adelemiranda

        Thanks Debbie x How are you today?, and what are you studying? I have been wondering for a while, since you wrote this, but as you can imagine my life gets quite busy between my work and my children. 🙂

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