Sophia (1 of 1)-7

I have been a little hesitant to blog this picture, but I had such an urge to produce it, that it is a shame for it to just sit in my archives. It is inspired from one of Pablo Picasso’s very early paintings, Olga in the arm chair, dated 1917. As i worked so much last year with a 1900-1920’s story, I also made the most of the outfits in studio. Anyway, after visiting the Pablo Picasso exhibition, this painting was one of my favourites. It appears unfinished, which in my opinion just enhances his work even more with the contrast of colours on the background. Thank you to my model Sophia and HAMUA Linda Thi.


4 Responses to “In the arm chair”

    • adelemiranda

      Thank-you for the link, and the link within the link. The story behind Guernica is a fascinating one. I was unaware of the UN covering the copy whilst discussing political agendas, due to the obvious parallels between the work and more recent regrettable war actions. I look forward to reading up on the other related links that you provided. Thank-you for popping by, Kind Regards, Adele

    • adelemiranda

      Actually, I should rephrase the word fascinating, to something more appropriate; the story behind Guernica is sad, chilling and truthful.


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