Swim (1 of 1)-3                       In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Express Yourself.” I haven’t followed Daily Post until now, but Im often inspired by others photo challenges, so here goes….the water was just beautiful yesterday.


7 Responses to “Express Yourself

  1. Debbie

    This is a really amazing photo. Captivating. I couldn’t see the second child for a while, for the squirl of colours and the enticing water!

    • adelemiranda

      Thank-you Debbie, Im thrilled you like it. Just a fleeting water moment. Up until today the weather has been really warm in Sydney, perfect for the pool, even Ive been jumping in.

      • Debbie

        oh, you are an Aussie also – more perfect!
        it’s cold where I am now and I miss sunny Queensland!
        I really like your water shots.
        they capture magic.
        they capture the energy of your kids even when you can’t see their faces!
        keep jumping in that pool!

      • adelemiranda

        Funny Debbie, I was reading your amazing blog and you definitely didn’t sound like you are native to China. It sounds exciting, yet chaotic and the culture is very different. You must miss Queensland, yet love China? Thanks for the likes 🙂 Keep us up to date with the Chinese way.

      • Debbie

        chaotic, indeed, different.. well to Aus, yes, i miss Qld, miss the sea terribly, and especially miss the warmth when its so freezing here.
        but I love China, amazing place with an incredible history.
        life is very different here than in Aus.
        to keep up to date, follow the blog Adele Miranda! 🙂

      • adelemiranda

        Yes the history is amazing in China, and the sea is beautiful here. Good luck with your adventures, look forward to chatting again.

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