2horst (1 of 1) Does the name “Horst” ring a bell to you photography enthusiasts? Well one look at Horst P Horst’s work, and you will be pulling back your clarity and re-assessing your work. It still is quite spectacular to this day.

Anyway Horst (pictured above) is from Germany (also) and has lived here for about 20 years. He is currently in remission from cancer, (lymphoma and i think bladder cancer prior). Amazing and congratulations to him. He lives here on his boat, which is not a bad life, if you love the ocean. It does bring to mind the changing living arrangements people choose, due to economic conditions more often than not. When going for a walk recently I noticed about 5 vans converted to homes for men in one car park. I hear its becoming the only way to survive for many people.


2 Responses to “Meet Horst”

  1. alrharris

    Why are we doing this to our people? We are one of the richest nations on earth. Why are people living here forced to live in ways they have not chosen?

    • adelemiranda

      Hi Alharris, Thanks for your comment. I believe Horst is quite happy and lives at the location more by choice. I think that the people that I have come across in the car park have more circumstantial issues, such as finance , mental health issues relationship issues and concerns. Sydney is expensive, and peoples circumstances are complicated. Kindly Adele… would be nice to see the car park people placed in homes.


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