I dislike to backtrack to a previous image, but since Im handing this in for Jim’s class CUVDIG401A, I thought I better take Jim’s suggestion into consideration. Jim suggested a white background, but the image is creme in tones instead of white. I tried white, but it just didn’t sit right. There are things that I would change about this image if I re-composed. I will consider these things on my future collage’s.


6 Responses to “Jim’s Critique”

    • adelemiranda

      Thank-you so much for the lovely comment Gina.I hope to create other ‘nature’ collages soon.Thank-you for the encouragement. Adele

    • adelemiranda

      Thank-you Jennifer. Its hard to find a beautiful tree in the city. Collage helps. I would like to work on a nature series, and have started to look at wild flowers also.


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