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12 Responses to “After the party”

    • adelemiranda

      Thanks Malin, I just took one off, because it was a little too scary, so I don’t want to scare you all away. The shoot was just fun. My other son had his face painted too and jumped in. The girl next door helped with the face paints, and now my son says “I did that for you, so I want a new scooter,”. “The business man already. Cute.

      • Malin H

        🙂 Nice doing business 😉 I recognize that, when my daughter was a little younger. She was my model at that time and now she is 23 years old.

        I just love this serie, very good work and team 🙂

      • adelemiranda

        Thanks Malin, You look way to fab to have a 23 year old, good on you, bet she’s gorgeous too. Thanks for the nice support.

      • Malin H

        I’m 42… 🙂 and I had my daughter when I was young. The latest images on Varja Linnea is my step daughter though. But you can see images of my daughter Beatrice in the blog also. 🙂

  1. adelemiranda

    Oh Thank-you Malin, Ive just seen this msge. Still working out wordpress. You look great, muust eat well and absorb nature. x

  2. Jennifer

    I prefer the 1st. His expression is very poignant. Have you tried merging them with the puddles? Might be worth a look!

    • adelemiranda

      Hi There, Thank-you so much for all of your lovely messages and encouragement. It’s really nice, especially as I had mixed feelings from (my) home viewers. I will merge them together and photoshop and play and see where it all goes. Thanks again….Looks like you went away? Turtles are so beautiful, its nice to see protection for them.

    • adelemiranda

      Hi Jennifer, How are you? I saw all of your lovely messages before I rushed out for tech yesterday, but did’t have time to reply until last night. Thank-you for your encouragement, its great. I’m writing again, because I’m unsure about something. If I reply on the bottom left square of the dashboard, then do you receive it? Or do I need to reply from the top right drop down of notifications. I think this is the way(drop down from notifications) I think the other way may only show up on my main page. Im sorry if I seem so silly, but I ‘this will clarify my silliness’. Have a lovely day.

      • Jennifer

        Hey, yes, I do receive a notification! It can be a bit confusing the way it is set up. Some themes seem easier than others. I have tried several, so I know! LOL. Hope you are having a lovely day as well! 🙂

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