shoot11-4shoot11-2Micah_in_red-2 Micah_in_red-3

Shooting Micah on Botany Bay, a little bit of location portraiture for those people looking at my blog. I do take your standard images too. For this shoot I bought 25m of rope to hang from the beautiful trees at Ramsgate. I must of looked strange carrying a ladder, and climbing it, to throw the rope over it, with my shoe attached. Thank-you to the man who stopped to help. I was trying to explain to him, that I wasn’t planning on doing something stupid, but he couldn’t speak English. He worked it out and was a great help.


4 Responses to “Micah, Botany Bay”

    • adelemiranda

      Thank-you Kazi, Micah is beautiful. She has the same name as my son too. I’m quite fascinated by her strong features, she is slightly androgynous, in a way, yet still very beautiful.

      • Kazi Mustakim

        I appreciate whatever you said about Micah…She is definitely gorgeous…And a BEAUTY of course…And about “androgynous” features you said I think that makes her more attractive in this photo…I don’t know her and haven’t seen her in real but I think I support what I said looking at her through your photos…But I admire your work Adele..Its you who made this photos…And I see you have eyes to find the beauty….and you made it…!!

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