willow version2

willow version3

I’m not really sure if this is a Willow tree, but it does remind me of the Willow plates that I used to eat off as a child. I think the ones from those days have become collectable in their sets. Anyway the tree is in the wetland area, not far from my house. The area is constantly under threat for road construction. While I know growth is a necessity, it may  be sad to see the area go. In the mean time the houses are reasonably cheap around the wetland due to the RTA restrictions. I say reasonably, this is Sydney after all.

The above is photographed on my 5D, and processed in LR and photoshop. The first image is the colours of the eve, pretty much as they were.



9 Responses to “Willow Versions”

    • adelemiranda

      Thank-you Malin, Something wonderful about flowing tree’s like Willow’s, but having a collage style attempt will hopefully be easier next time. I need to buy some external hard drives for storage.
      Thanks for the ‘breathing on the lens tip’. Great tip for a misty effect.

    • adelemiranda

      Thank-you so much Kazi, I really appreciate the nice comment. I study photography, and at the moment I question my work, my interests and what is important in this world at the moment.
      Is fashion a necessity, does it need representation? Should I join the money makers or stand alone?
      Trees are just beautiful and photographing them doesn’t harm anyone. I do love fashion, nice things, there is just so much commercialism in this world.

      • Kazi Mustakim

        I know that very well Adele…I write for myself..Though I don’t have any work write now and I wanted to write professionally but couldn’t manage to get any work…People love to read or see what satisfy their mind…And my poetry isn’t for them that’s what I found eventually…It truly is a commercial world I believe now…Everyone’s sort of running after earthly possessions…And I always ran after what contented my heart…I don’t know… may be I have mistaken but sometime I do feel satisfied with my work on my own…Here in my country I never got any appreciation from anyone…Couldn’t even manage to publish my work in a newspaper…They probably need what people love to eat…And most people love to eat waste…lol Whatever…I do like your work…!! You are talented of course….!!

      • adelemiranda

        Thank-you Kazi, Yes people like funny things in life. Your writing is very beautiful, so hopefully you will be rewarded in every way that you need.
        I have decided to do a beautiful people shoot this Friday. I will see how it goes. Bye for now.

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