Rain Song 22

Rain Song-4 Rain Song-5 Rain Song-7


5 Responses to “Rain Song”

    • adelemiranda

      Thanks Marcello, How are you? Well, I’m hoping to hear. Ive been working ion a series that is quite different to anything Ive really done before.
      I really hope your well, and we’ll get to enjoy more of your art. Chat soon.

    • adelemiranda

      Hi Marcello, I did reply to you through my email, so I really hope you received the mail. I’m sure you did, but I realise what you are enduring post your hospital visit. Thank-you for visiting. Get well soon.x

  1. Jennifer

    I didn’t have time to comment on these before, but I absolutely love them. My favorite is the third. It’s less conventional and more mysterious and arresting.

    • adelemiranda

      Thank- you again for commenting, its really nice to get feed back. These were taken during our July school holidays (just now), on a really rainy eve. I think the boys were more interested in playing in the rain. I called them ‘rain song’ because they reminded me of that really old fashioned song…”Just an old fashioned love song”, and it was really raining hard.


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