I came across these guys at the beach. They do pretty awesome jet ski stunts, which I really enjoyed photographing.I hope you enjoy the visuals. Thank-you to the guys for putting on a great show.

333ski_web_sRGB_300ppi_resize-1 333ski_web_sRGB_300ppi_resize-27 333ski_web_sRGB_300ppi_resize-26 333ski_web_sRGB_300ppi_resize-22 333ski_web_sRGB_300ppi_resize-21 333ski_web_sRGB_300ppi_resize-20 333ski_web_sRGB_300ppi_resize-19 333ski_web_sRGB_300ppi_resize-18 333ski_web_sRGB_300ppi_resize-15 333ski_web_sRGB_300ppi_resize-2 333ski_web_sRGB_300ppi_resize-3 333ski_web_sRGB_300ppi_resize-4 333ski_web_sRGB_300ppi_resize-5 333ski_web_sRGB_300ppi_resize-7 333ski_web_sRGB_300ppi_resize-9 333ski_web_sRGB_300ppi_resize-10 333ski_web_sRGB_300ppi_resize-12 333ski_web_sRGB_300ppi_resize-13


5 Responses to “On the flip side….”

  1. marcelo leonard

    Although I am not very fond of sport photography, I must admit that I find this series very attractive. My favourite is the ninth, the one with the sailboats in the background.


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