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HAMUA: Jess Elegance, MODELS: Valeria Andrade and EVAN (@WINK MANAGEMENT) LOCATION: Woolooware Oyster Farm (thank-you again guys)

From a recent shoot with Valeria and Evan. If it looks a little tense, apart from the obvious here, it may of been because it probably wasn’t more than 5 degrees that night on the waters edge. Anyway, I haven’t blogged for a while, because the year has been incredibly busy, but fabulous all the same. Until next time….where are the emoticons wordpress?  :)


peaches and cream-1

peaches and cream-2


I don’t normally blog the picks I take at tech, but Ive decided to start. This is a gorgeous girl in my class, Cassie, she joined the class a few weeks after everyone else. Anyway we were doing a colour management class, but I found this lace the day before and incorporated this shoot into the class. Cassie was wearing a beautiful Kimono which we put inside out and back to front. I love the feel of the lace across her gorgeous face. I couldn’t work out which one I liked best, the half closed eye shot, with a sinister twist, or the other?



My favourite photo (so far) from my shoot with Valeria last week. For the whole year my images (that I work on for fun) with have an Australian theme. I suppose I’m concentrating on a vintage Australian environmental portraiture. The hair and make-up artist is Linda Thi, (thank-you for your beautiful work). Thank-you also to Keith and Bob, for your gorgeous location. Most of all a big thank-you to the very beautiful Valeria, always a pleasure to photograph.I must add thank-you so much for coming along after your father just passed away a few days prior, condolences to you and your family, again. There is a distance within you in this image that is very solemn yet beautiful, I feel for where your heart is.  Valeria models (because she can and she is gorgeous) and is an engineer also. Hows that everyone, don’t you love that in a woman, beauty and brains and a really lovely girl too.


Dina and John's Christtening of baby-10

Dina and John's Christtening of baby-5

Dina and John's Christtening of baby-6

Dina and John's Christtening of baby-9

Some of my favourites from this Christening. Thank-you to John and Dina for asking me to shoot, It was an enigmatic experience in the church ( and how gorgeous is it?) The Greek customs and traditions are really interesting, the hair cutting, the washing of the christening gown in the ocean, the anointing of the baby, and the way every one gets involved,it is all very different from the way traditions run in my family. Thanks again.

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manly pano play1-1

manly pano play2-1

Its been so long since my last blog, I’m actually quite excited to get something down, although these are not the best shots from the last month. They are panoramas taken at Manly, and the dots in the water are the competitors at the SMH Cole Classic.The first is shot at 1/6, from memory. If you zoom in to the swimmers on the right they have a sort of nice feel, but the image lacks consistency through out. Panorama no 2, has the swimmers also, a faster shutter, but definitely needs a little more action. Many years ago some one I knew, once said to me ….never “assume”….if you brake the word down to ass/u/me…it says- never assume, it makes an ass of me and you. While I wouldn’t  push this image that far, I shouldn’t of ‘assumed’ I had the shot. It was a great learning exercise….next time check the memory card pocket, and get a baby sitter for the kids, so I don’t worry for them lonely at home whilst I wake up at 5.00 for those morning shots. Maybe , hopefully there will be more morning shots ahead, now that I study through the day, yay, no more night school. School is full time and work is casual this year, its much nicer to hit the bed a little earlier, but then again, the assignments are only just starting. My next blogs will be of some of the photography Christenings and hens days that I worked on in January. Until then.


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