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A sneak peak of Susan and Glens anniversary pictures. Married now for a year all ready. For a while, i shied away from weddings, anniversary, and pre wedding shoots, but if they are as fun as this one, then why not celebrate love:)

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bishop_adele_blog (1 of 1) raw (733 of 747)  bishop_adele_blog8 (1 of 1)George_poss_ext_1_2 (1 of 1)

George_loc_1_fix2 (1 of 1)bishop_adele_blog7 (1 of 1)bishop_adele_blog12 (1 of 1) bishop_adele_blog4 (1 of 1)bishop_adele_blog3 (1 of 1) bishop_adele_blog2 (1 of 1)bishop_adele_blog1 (1 of 1)raw (717 of 747)raw (712 of 747)bishop_adele_blog11 (1 of 1) A few of my favourites from shooting the hail damage repair team in Brisbane, with my amazing co-worker Nadia D’Elia. Three premises were covered, on a very hot day, and the amazing team up there made us very welcome. If your interested in having commercial photography for your business, give me a call 0435 939 944, (Sydney)or alternatively

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If you have not seen this, you should to remember, respect and for humanity(for those age 15+). The recounts are unnerving. For the last lady speaking, bless her pained soul. In her words “was it worth it?, have we learned?” ….So very applicable to todays society.
The brutality resonates with recent terrorism acts, although on a different scale. Some nations/ beliefs/ religions have not learned and brutality lies in their souls. When remembering the Holocaust, I don’t understand…how could so many Germans approve of this brutality? Why ?
It was interesting to listen to the sorrowful Hitler Youth member. Yes, it was a mixed up time of war, but to have your baby brother die in your arms from starvation, and lack of oxygen, .. i could not survive.

Originally posted on Dear Kitty. Some blog:

This video from the USA says about itself:

Witness: Voices from the Holocaust

27 August 2009

Nineteen first-person accounts of witnesses, including Jews, non-Jews, American POWs, GIs who first entered the camps, a member of the Hitler youth, a Jesuit priest, resistance fighters, and child survivors are woven into a single narrative of World War II and the Holocaust. They tell stories of life under the Nazis, the ghettos, concentration and death camps, liberation, and the challenges they faced after the Holocaust. Includes some documentary footage with graphic violence and detailed descriptions of violence.

From People’s World in the USA:

Lilo Heller, 94: Holocaust victim and citizen of the world

February 18 2015

Lilo Heller, a Holocaust survivor, was born in Germany in 1921 and witnessed the rise of Nazism. In 1939, she and her parents escaped the Nazis – by traveling to Holland and then to…

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