It has been a while, but ‘oh my goodness’, how crazy is the month of December? Not only do we go crazy shopping for that one very special day, (Merry Christmas too) but many of us we work around around the clock to make it happen.

Anyway,  before 2015 comes to an end, I wanted to share with you, my most favorite portrait that i took in 2015. Thank-you to my friend, Libby for trusting in me to take this image of you. I love the fact that we used some of Libbys beautiful personal items to say something about her.  I was hesitant to blog the image initially, as Libby is at high risk for a premature birth, but she is doing well now. What a beautiful pregnancy memory for her…. i wish i did something like this in my pregnancies.

2015 also saw some terribly sad moments with the passing of loved friends, always a tragedy when lives are cut short, especially when you feel saddened, that maybe if you were around you could of helped. Unfortunately premature death is not uncommon in our community, and this raises mental health issues that really need support. Hopefully 2016 will bring some hope and change in this area.

On a better note though, it has been amazing to re-unite with relatives across the globe,…distance is not easy, but thank- goodness for the internet. I am so looking forward to 2016 xox


Aunty Nikki-6802

Aunty Nikki-6748

Aunty Nikki-6772

Aunty Nikki-6780

To the loveliest sister in the whole wide world. “Happy 5oth birthday”. It was so nice to see you and i do hope you have a wonderful time on your holiday. Patterns and shapes with the children to celebrate xxx



A preview of Caitlin’s sport shoot. The middle of the day lighting was interesting with the stormy backdrop, and you come up just stunning Caitlin. Cant wait to show you the rest.



I think I mentioned, in a few posts earlier, that i have enjoyed photographing my twins of recent, if any of you Sydneysiders have twins you want to photograph then please contact me for a free shoot.

I’m currently recovering from a hemi-thyroidectomy so it wont be for a couple of weeks though. In the mean time I’m working on my web site gradually so have a look if you find time, keeping in mind that its not quite finished.












mare beach-1



I would have to say that Lifou is one of the most beautiful islands i have ever been to. I’m not usually delightfully surprised when  I see a cemetery, but they were so colourful and well looked after. Quite a few picks whilst travelling in a car, i think the last one reminds me of a fence from my ancestry photographs, hence the attraction. Mare is also very beautiful, and the people at the markets were full of character , so i asked if  i could take a few snaps. Im sure their lives here are much better than ours in many ways, but unfortunately every second person appeared to have a cigarette which is really upsetting, because Im sure it wasn’t too long ago when these people lived a lifestyle which concentrated more on a natural lifestyle. I really hope they don’t have an influx of drugs (maybe they do), because it would have devastating  effects on this community x


California Dreaming-2

California Dreaming-1

California Dreaming-3

California Dreaming-4

Fun Oceans across the Pacific, took a couple of snaps between the children’s activities. This is the adult pool, which was later emptied after this shot, but the kids had a great time ‘wave riding’, in the pool behind. It did result in three stitches in my sixteen year olds finger, and i am so glad the ship agreed to re-imburse the doctors fee for the procedure. I would of loved access to the front of the ship for some shots.


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